Why Purchase a Lordship Title?

If you could instantly boost your social status and receive VIP like a celebrity or royalty, wouldn’t you want it?

What's in the pack?

From the

Airline Upgrades, Hotel upgrades to Preferential treatment at Restaurants and Shows

these are just a few examples of the privileges some Lordship-Title customers have enjoyed.

What Will I Actually Receive?

Within 24 hours of placing your order, we will ship your certificate of registration. This is proof that you or someone else has been granted the title of Lord or Lady.

This is an A4 personalized certificate, which is both sealed and stamped as well as having a hologram embed to prove authenticity.

Who Else Wants This Exclusive Service?

You can buy a genuine title for yourself, or as an unusual gift for someone else.

That's right. You can grand the title of "Lord” or "Lady" of England to another person.

Simply choose which title suits you, and you’ll boost their social status instantly.

Now, isn't $199 $89 a small price to pay for all the privileges and benefits they'll receive for the rest of their life?

Discover an Affordable Way to Join the Privileged Few

Can a title really enhance a person's status? It’s the most frequently asked question we receive.

And whilst we can’t guarantee special privileges, we can give you an idea of what others have enjoyed

Here’s a small list of what customers, just like you, have experienced since they bought their title from Lordship-Titles:

One client (David) managed to secure tickets for a sold out Rugby game. It seems the Title on his correspondence had “opened the door” for him as he reported. He told us, "they offered me premium tickets to the All Blacks vs. Australia, tickets that are normally gold dust"

Sara. enjoyed flight upgrades to business class with Emirates (which would normally cost £1,500) on a return trip from Dubai. She told us "We've never flown businesses, when the air hostess upgraded on boarding I asked why, she replied, it's rare we have royalty fly with us!!"

Another client who purchased a Lordship of England for her and her husband as an anniversary present told us that "On a trip to New York, they received an upgrade to a suite immediately on hotel check-in well as outstanding service and free champagne in the room"

How This Life-Changing Title is Legal?

The title service we provide is possible
by using a recognised "Deed".

Under International and English Law: "You have the right to call yourself, and be known as anything you like" - provided there’s no fraudulent intention in the process of any such changes to a person's identity.

It means that once you’ve received your
official documentation to confirm your
s new Title as you wish!

Days Away From Enjoying This VIP Treatment

Lordship-Titles makes the process from order to purchase the most exceptional in the business.

As part of your order you'll receive our official certification which is sealed with holograms and stamped to guarantee authenticity.

VIP lifestyle is waiting, we only release a limited number of certificates per month and may have to operate a waiting list from time to time, we're currently accepting orders for this and next month.

NOTE: We're currently accepting orders for this and next month.

To avoid disappointment and reserve your chosen title whilst it’s still available, order online here:

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