Knight Titles

One of the most esteemed and enviable titles in the world belong to those who call themselves “knight.”

Often, this title must be bestowed upon someone via a monarch or royal ruler. In the UK, especially England, knights are known as Sir (male) or Dame (female). In order to become a knight, especially to have the two previously named titles, one must often be chosen to be included on either the Queen’s New Year’s Honours list or Her Majesty’s Birthday Honours list.

There’s a much simpler way to have this title bestowed upon you—you can simply purchase one.

Yes, you read that properly—you can buy the title of Sir or Dame. It’s easy!

First, decide if you want a seated (involving a parcel of land) or non-seated (no land, just a title) form of the title. Though both forms are extremely affordable, the seated version is the one that can be passed down to your next-of-kin upon bequeath in your last will and testament upon your death. A non-seated title stops when you do.

Then, fill out our order form. We take care of all the legalities and documentation, and you, our customer, receive your title, a beautiful certificate stating your title which is suitable for framing, and all the privileges that having the title of Sir or Dame entails.

Though you cannot purchase a knighthood bestowed upon you from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Herself, you can purchase the title, and we can help you do that!

Here are just some of the remarkable benefits you may have the pleasure of enjoying once people discover you hold an honourary title such as Sir or Dame:

  • 1.

    Upgrades on flights or on trains

  • 2.

    Better seats in theatres and sporting events

  • 3.

    Improved, more personalised services when shopping or when dining out

  • 4.

    Better tables in restaurants

  • 5.

    Better service in restaurants, bars and pubs

You may even garner better and more respectful treatment by your neighbours and other community members! When you have a title from our esteemed service, your level of service will increase drastically! Don’t settle for being just some commoner, when a title can garner you the respect and attention you deserve!

If you would like to be known as the Lord or Lady of a specific piece of property or real estate in your home country, we can take care of that as well. Many of our titles are more than just honours—they are bestowed upon those who desire (and deserve) the best treatment and utmost respect people can give!

If you’ve always dreamed of being referred to as Sir or Dame, now is the perfect time to purchase one of our many esteemed titles so you can stop dreaming and start living—as the regal person you’ve always known you are!

These titles also make wonderful gifts for loved ones, special friends, and other important people in your life!

Contact us as soon as possible via our web site and purchase the title of your dreams! You deserve it!

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